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Energy Upgrades in Southern California

Air conditioning performance highly depends on how efficient your house is designed to conserve energy. At Majestic, our audit experts will help you identify the air leaks and seal the areas of home creating energy wastage. We are proud to have our expertise in following areas:

We solve problems and ensure total comfort to our customers. After all "We're are not comfortable until you're".

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Are you losing your Cooling through the Attic?

Most of the homes experience energy loss through the attic. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to perform energy audits and suggest ideas to make your your home smart and save on energy cost.

Its very east process, schedule an appointment with Majestic and they will perform a home visit today.

Our technicians perform energy audits and identify the areas of energy leaks in your home. Insulation of attic prevents the exchange of hot outside air from your home environment inside.

Insulation of attic eases pressure on the Air conditioning systems which in turn help to make your your home cooler quicker.

Tankless water heaters

Are you wasting energy costs to keep water warm?

Traditional water heaters consume a lot of energy to keep the water warm until you need it. This old technology not only uses a lot of energy, also does get the water hot enough for larger consumption.

Help your home to be more energy efficient and your pocket to save on costs for energy bills. At Majestic, we offer our latest technology Tankless water heater. 

The tankless water heater heats the water on demand and save you a lot on energy costs.

Schedule an appointment today for the installation of ductless services available at Majestic.

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