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Indoor Air Quality in Southern California

Did you know around 99.3% of particles in the air are not visible to human eyes?

Indoor Air quality is very important when anyone wants to keep you and your family safe from bacteria, viruses and pollutants from entering your body.

We solve problems and ensure total comfort to our customers. After all "We're are not comfortable until you're".

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Air Filtration Systems &

Air Purifiers

Importance of Indoor air quality

Majestic cares about its customers and recommends installing its cutting edge technology air scrubbers and purifiers. 

Our Air filtration system prevents any impact on air flow and kills the bacteria and viruses entering your house.

1. UV Light Germicidal Lights

Kills virus and bacteria in the ducts and purifies air.

2. Multi layer Air filtration technology

Cleans incoming air in the ducts passing through multiple layers of filters

3. Air filtration and Purification with activate carbon (Majestic's Recommendation)

Cleans incoming air through carbon activated filter and preventing mold formation in ducts.

Our technicians ensure hassle free installation and total comfort of our customers.


Importance of ventilation in your home

A poor ventilation system could be one of the reasons for having high energy costs. Your Air conditioning system will be overworked if there are small holes in ducts causing the air to escape. 

Doing DIY fixes can be time consuming and might not get the job done...........

Majestic's certified technicians run a diagnostic check in your ducts and identify the problem areas.

Having a proper ventilation system and clean air inside your house is important for your total comfort.

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Humidifiers / Dehumidifiers

The Climate of your home

Air with less humidity can cause respiratory problems and air with more humidity can damage the interiors of your home.

Optimal House should maintain the humidity levels between 30% - 60%, Majestic's Humidification systems helps you to maintain the right humidity levels fo your house.

Schedule an appointment with our expert HVAC technician today.

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